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Ashoka Changemaker Summit 2021

This year the Summit is not just an event but a three-month journey to connect our vast community of world-leading social entrepreneurs, young changemakers and leaders from business and philanthropy, starting online and culminating in December in the Italian city of Turin.
Online > September 30th to November 25th.
Onsite > December 2. Turin, Italy.

A New Normal Requires a New Togetherness

Kept apart by a pandemic, we fixed our eyes on the importance of togetherness over the last year. But long before Covid hit, dozens of community-led movements already recognized how togetherness can change our world.

Collective movements have radically shifted global perceptions. Young activists have mobilized for the planet. Women and queer people have joined their voices to build a gender equal world. And in some of the richest countries on earth, historically excluded communities have exposed deep social inequities.

This is a new togetherness. Powered by technology that will allow *everyone* to be part of the conversation. Joining together as changemakers from all backgrounds, we’ll show that the ability to shape the future belongs not to just a few, but to all of us.


In-person event in Turin, Italy on December the 2nd

Around 300 members of our close community will gather physically in Turin, Italy, on December the 2nd to continue learning and connecting. Sessions will be streamed into our event platform so our global community can participate in this part of the process as well.

Priority to the in-person event will be given to people residing in Italy.

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