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Foundation Giving Trends 2021 report 

Foundation grantmaking remained high in 2021, despite growing challenges for the foundation sector, found the Association of Charitable Foundations’ (ACF) Foundation Giving Trends 2021 report – the annual research on giving, income and assets among the 300 largest foundations. The research is made possible by support from the Pears Foundation.

Overall, Foundation Giving Trends 2021 found that foundation grant-making has continued to grow, rising by 7.8 per cent this year (excluding the Wellcome Trust). Giving by family and personal foundations grew by nearly a quarter (23 per cent), though corporate giving fell by 12 per cent in real terms.

Voluntary income to the top 300 foundations increased strongly in 2019/20, by 11 per cent in real terms. Investment income did not see the same level of growth and fell by over six percent if Wellcome Trust is included. (continue: https://www.alliancemagazine.org/)

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