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Generative Communities for Rome

As part of the Periferiacapitale program, the Charlemagne Foundation organized the Generative Communities seminar for Rome to share the experiences of community foundations in Italy and around the world.
The meeting focused on different issues that may represent both a challenge and an opportunity for enriching the action of the grassroot organisations in Rome

Community processes and social generativity may represent a practical perspective for those associations that committ themeselves in the Roman outskirts, every day

International guest Jenny Hodgson, director of the Global Fund for community foundations, who introduced the most significant experiences that the Global Fund supports at international level, sharing some good practices and the challenges encountered. An interesting point of view to open the city of Rome to a vision beyond the natural national vocation.
(The Manifesto for Change quoted by Jenny Hodgson in her speech is available at: shiftthepower.org/manifesto-for-change/).
Professor Patrizia Cappelletti of the Catholic University of Milan has developed the concept of social generativity and of the many paths that the research group to which she belongs is studying and developing in Italy.
Ugo Bressanello of the Domus de Luna Foundation talked about the community regeneration work started over ten years ago in the suburbs of Cagliari.
Stefania Mancini of the Charlemagne Foundation concluded the work by sharing the experience of community foundations set up in other Italian cities and emphasizing how public-private partnerships can represent a real opportunity for local welfare.
Thanks to Monica di Sisto, a journalist with a deep knowledge of Rome, who moderated guests and the public in the dialogue on relevant topics.
Here is the list of speeches:

Introduction: Moderator Monica Di Sisto – Vice-President of the Fairwatch association
Jenny Hodgson – Director Global Fund for Community Foundations
(The Manifesto for Change quoted by Jenny Hodgson in her speech is available at: shiftthepower.org/manifesto-for-change/).
Patrizia Cappelletti – Social researcher at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan
Ugo Bressanello – President of Domus de Luna Onlus Foundation
Stefania Mancini – Managing Director of Charlemagne Foundation
Participants: Associations and organizations actively involved in Rome – also through Periferiacapitale – which generate the best social, environmental and cultural energies of the City. Because the future of communities is built together.


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