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Next generation of social justice leaders

The Ford Foundation has announced the launch of a ten-year, $50 million initiative aimed at identifying and developing the next generation of social justice leaders working to advance solutions to inequality.

The inaugural cohort of twenty-four Ford Global Fellows includes social change leaders from Brazil, the United States, East Africa, and the Middle East and North Africa with a range of approaches to the challenge of ending inequality, from restoring voting rights for formerly incarcerated people, to advancing LGBTQ+ rights, to boosting the political and economic power of people with disabilities. Many of the fellows are members of communities directly impacted by inequality and will be drawing on their lived experience.

With a $50-million investment over the next 10 years, the Ford Global fellowship aims to connect and support the next generation of social justice leaders who are advancing innovative solutions to end inequality. The program will run for 18 months with an emphasis on shared learning, building and strengthening connections, and developing a supportive, interconnected cohort.

[source: Philanthropy News Digest]

Photo by Oliver Cole on Unsplash

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