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What if every foundation cared about climate?

Philanthropy is about mobilising private resources for the public good yet today an overwhelming majority of philanthropic resources are used without reflecting their impact on climate change. The climate crisis affects every aspect of human life, and by extension, all areas of philanthropy activity. With its independence and resources, philanthropy has the potential to support the bold and urgent transformative change required across our societies.  So, what if every foundation cared about climate?

Dafne invite you to second event of the What if? Reimagining philanthropy event series where will explore, build knowledge, and inspire action with regards to how funders and foundations can apply a climate lens to everything they are doing, and what are the opportunities that can emerge from it.

We will be joined by Kristina Johansson, Director of the Solberga Foundation and activist for racial, gender and climate justice.

The What if? Reimagining philanthropy event series has been designed by the Next Philanthropy partners of the PEXcommunity. Next Philanthropy provides an inclusive space for a thought-provoking debate and exchange of practices on the current state of play and what’s next in philanthropy in Europe. The aim is to generate new possible routes for philanthropic, social, and political action and to shape the field and orient it.

The concept of intentional learning, experimentation and inclusive participation through “questioning” is at the very heart of Next Philanthropy. There are no ready-made answers and simple solutions, but we can raise relevant questions to reimagine ways for transformative change and test emerging ideas in innovation sandboxes.

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