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2024 Spot #Periferiacapitale

The 2024  #Periferiacapitale Spot tells through images of a Rome that every day is rich in the energy of the people who live there, of those who take care of the community that lives in the City. An element that unites all the protagonists: the need for “a shared breath for Rome”. With a look to the future of those who are still enchanted and excited to discover its beauty.

The Charlemagne Foundation, through the Periferiacapitale Programme, dedicates itself to the city of Rome, whose narratives too often highlight the negative aspects and the impossibility of change and regeneration.
We believe in change, with a social horizon that sees the intervention and skills of organizations, institutions and universities combined in the territories in which they operate. Listening with respect to the voice of the City and that of those who live there, as in the Roman suburbs, together with an already active third sector.

The 2024 commercial is created by Daniele Napolitano . Project curated by Gabriele Longhi (#Periferiacapitale Communication).
Direction, filming and editing : Daniele Napolitano
Filming and editing assistant : Leonardo D’Alessio
Assistant director : Anna Coccoli
Music by Ugo Grimaldi

Thanks to Sofia, Sofi, Antoni, Alex, Alina, the Grottarossa sports group, the carpentry shop of the Idroscalo / “La Rada” of Ostia for availability.
https://napolitanodaniele.myportfolio…  / dani_napo   ————– www.periferiacapitale.org www.fondazionecharlemagne.org


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