We help the Present,
contributing to the Future

Human dignity
is at the center
of each
of our actions

In 1998 we decided to establish an independent foundation, which became the Fondazione Italiana Charlemagne.

“Let’s help those in need” – we said as we sat around the table.
We wanted to improve hygiene and reduce social exclusion, poverty and misery.

Therefore, we started the first project, then a second, and then a third. In 25 years we have carried out more than one thousand projects.
Today, in addition to actively supporting single projects, we work to create a sustainable non-profit ecosystem and a strategic partnership system embracing Italian and foreigner foundations that share with us common values

Economic resources, consulting
professional development, and managerial support


The Fondazione Charlemagne now does not only provide
economic resources, but also offers services that support other
organisations, with consulting, professional formation,
and managerial support – respecting the organisations
and their identities.

Often this aspect is undervalued but, in reality it is
what distinguishes us.

Trust is a fundamental element that inspires the relationships
of the Fondazione Charlemagne. Not only trust in the activities,
but also in the potential coming together that is promoted by
our partner organisations.

Behind every reality there are real people.


The foundation council

Marcello de Fonseca Pimentel, President

Lorenzo Benedetti, Councilor

Stefania Mancini, Councilor

Salvatore Mariconda, Councilor

The department of studies
and evaluations

Concetta Campi

Domenico Chirico

M. Antonietta Spagnuolo


Gabriele Longhi

Andrea Zampetti


Giulia De Gaetano

College of revision

Stefano Cotellessa, President

Giulia Battilocchio, member

Rita Stuppiello, member

A memory of Françoise Rousseau,
founder of the Charlemagne Foundation

It is with satisfaction that the Charlemagne Foundation has become aware of the important number of interventions carried out in various places in the world, giving rise to hopes and better living conditions where social and economic conditions were particularly difficult, acting with respect for people and their culture and local, human and material resources of the assisted areas.
The Charlemagne Foundation has received numerous testimonies of esteem and trust which are, for it, the best confirmation and encouragement to continue its work, never losing sight of the spirit of secularism, tolerance and understanding that animate its action from the beginning. 
The Foundation thanks all the people who work for it and hopes to continue on the chosen path with ever greater conviction, effectiveness and a sense of human solidarity”.

Françoise Rousseau