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A Guide to Community Foundations in the Netherlands

From  (https://www.communityfoundations/2022_Netherlands_RZ.pdf).

In 2020, the Landelijk Samenwerkingsverband Actieve bewoners (LSA), the National Association for Community-based and led organisations, took on the responsibility of acting as a support organisation for community foundations in the Netherlands.
LSA had previously collaborated with Lokale Fondsen Nederland (LFN), Community Foundations NL, the previous support
organisation, but is still relatively new to the field.
However, as a membership organisation, we’ve supported and united communityled organisations for over 30 years. Our membership body changed over the years, and over time it has grown to include anything from neighbourhood councils, to community enterprises and
community centres. Generally, this would be a fairly organic process. When the community ecosystem would evolve, we would evolve with it. Or in some cases we would try and be a catalyst for that evolution in communities. When we became the new support organisation
for community foundations for the Netherlands, it also meant that we fairly suddenly had a lot of catching up to do. How could we support community foundations towards building a thriving movement?



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