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European Day of Foundations and Donors

On 1st October 2021, we are celebrating the European Day of Foundations and Donors established by Dafne in 2013.

On this day, public benefit foundations, charities, trusts, communities, donors, philanthropists, and volunteers across Europe come together for a common goal: to showcase the role foundations play in European societies to the benefit of all of us, raise public awareness about philanthropy, and encourage more giving and civic action.

Dafne and the EFC are launching a campaign under the theme “Stepping into tomorrow” to raise awareness about philanthropy’s contribution to building a better future for the next generations – at the local, national, regional and global levels. 1st October is a chance to reflect on what the future holds for philanthropy and what philanthropy holds for the future. To step into tomorrow, we need to unlock philanthropy’s potential to catalyse enduring and transformational changes. Share your vision using the hashtag #October1Europe.

We have put together a social media toolkit to provide you with the most relevant messages and resources you need to get started and be part of the Europe-wide movement.  Let’s make our voices heard and engage in a conversation around philanthropy and giving!

Events happening around Europe include:

Austria – Austrian Foundations Association

For the 4th time, the Austrian Foundation Association is celebrating 1st October with its Annual Conference which will revolve around the theme “Art for All! Philanthropy as a driver for inclusive arts and culture”. Not only the diverse and successful national philanthropic engagement in the field of art and culture will be brought before the curtain. The event also aims to look over the borders and inspire with international best practices and keynotes. Details on the (inter)national speakers and the programme will follow in due course. Depending on the COVID-related framework conditions, the Austrian Foundation Association is planning the possibility of limited on-site participation or a virtual connection. People can register for the German live stream by sending an email to: office@gemeinnuetzig-stiften.at.

Belgium – Belgian Federation of Philanthropic Foundations

The Belgian Federation of Philanthropic Foundations is planning to issue a media release on 1 October, recalling the role of philanthropy in Belgium, also referring to the recent floods, and giving some key figures on the number of foundations as of 1 January 2021.

Belgium – Philanthropy Advocacy (Dafne and EFC)

Philanthropy Advocacy, a joint initiative by the European Foundation Centre (EFC) and Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe (Dafne), will host a launch event of the 2021 edition of “Comparative Highlights of Foundation Laws” publication, taking place online on October 1, 2021, from 10.00 – 11.30 CEST. “Comparative Highlights” is an outcome of a two-year mapping project detailing the regulatory environments in which philanthropy and foundations operate in 40 countries across wider Europe. The launch event will open up a space for discussion on the publication’s key insights into the transparency, regulation and accountability of philanthropy in Europe. You will have a chance to get an overview of the latest findings from renowned academics and EU policymakers around a wide range of issues, such as anti-money laundering legislation, cross-border philanthropy, taxation and innovative approaches to philanthropy. You can register here for the event.

Croatia – Croatian Foundations Forum

The Croatian Foundations Forum is organising the 6th Croatian Philanthropy Week from October 1, including events on 1st October. During this week, they will be hosting on-site and digital events, exhibition, digital campaigns and they will also promote a film about “Philanthropy as Way of Life”. If you would like to have more information on the events going on during this week, please contact info@europskazaklada-filantropija.hr & info@zaklada.civilnodrustvo.hr.

France – French Foundation Centre

On September 30, the French Foundation Centre invites you to an afternoon of conferences and round tables on the theme “Between resilience and transformation, what levers of action for the general interest?”. The guest of honour is Boris Cyrulnik – an eminent psychoanalyst and specialist in resilience. The event will feature the following topics: (1) How do we look at the resilience of individuals and our society?; (2) What means do foundations use or create to pursue, or even strengthen, their role in supporting resilience and transformation, at the level of the citizen and the city?; (3) Discover inspiring projects in Paris and in the regions. The event will have a hybrid format: partly in Paris and in the regions (if health conditions allow it), and partly online. More information here.

Germany – Association of German Foundations

Foundations from across Germany are invited to join the motto “Together we shape the future”. The Association of German Foundation is organising a keynote talk with Prof. Dr Heribert Prantl on the topic Between tradition and future – what do foundations need in the 21st century”. After this talk, Michael Schwarz, Managing Director of Stiftung Mercator and member of the board of the Association of German Foundations, and Kirsten Hommelhoff, Secretary-General of the Association of German Foundations, will discuss with Dr Heribert Prantl critical aspects of the topic. Also, the Association of German Foundations will publish philanthropy events from all across Germany, offer material for publicity and cover interesting news on its social media and website. More information here.

Hungary – Effekteam Association (formerly Hungarian Donors Forum)

Effekteam Association is organising its annual (virtual) conference “Community-Impact-Future” on 1st October. More information (in Hungarian) is forthcoming in September here.

Italy – ACRI

Acri is implementing “Non sono un murales. Segni di comunità”: an initiative widespread in almost 100 cities all over Italy. Acri will involve different communities in the realisation of a work of art, starting from the stencil that the young Pistoian urban artist LDB designed specifically for the occasion. It represents an adult tying shoe to a child who, with a backpack on his shoulders, looks towards the viewer and is ready to start his journey. The image represents a simple and recognisable gesture for all: a supportive action by an “adult” and autonomous person (the community) towards a child (a person who is growing up and starting a new path). On 1st October, all the works created will be “unveiled”. Acri is calling other foundations around Europe to join this initiative. If you are interested to join this initiative, please contact matteo.gabbrielli@acri.it“.

Italy – Assifero

Assifero, along with ACRI, is promoting the “Non sono un murales. Segni di comunità” initiative. They will also announce the launch of a public campaign about the Italian commitment on climate change, linked to the International Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change.

The Netherlands – European Cultural Foundation

The European Cultural Foundation has created a dedicated landing page on their website. You can find links to the report “Imagine Philanthropy for Europe”, their main self initiated example of funding in pandemic times with the Culture of Solidarity Fund, and the campaign for the Cultural Deal for Europe, a strategy aimed at placing culture at the center of the European project and mainstreaming it across all policy fields.

Liechtenstein – Association of Liechtenstein Charitable Foundations and Trusts (VLGST)

VLGST is organising the 5th Philanthropy Platform, a public event aiming at presenting philanthropy as a dynamic force for innovation that advances the common good and helps build vibrant communities. The Philanthropy Platform will strengthen the exchange in the philanthropy sector and provide insights into the multifaceted work of public-benefit foundations. Charitable foundations will provide information on current topics and trends and illustrate their commitment to concrete projects. The event will feature a keynote talk, “Current Trends in Philanthropy”, with Prof. Dr Marc Gottschald, Head of the Center for Philanthropy at the University of Liechtenstein. Among the speakers are the Toni Hilti Foundation, Stiftung Lebenswertes Liechtenstein, Ideenkanal Foundation and Medicor Foundation. More information (in German) here.

Russia – Russian Donors Forum

The Russian Donors Forum will celebrate this date by hosting its 19th Annual Conference. The Conference will bring together leaders of corporate and private philanthropy, charities, government, and academia, allowing them to exchange their knowledge and experience. The topic of the conference is “Philanthropy and social investment in the face of uncertainty: lessons, challenges and opportunities”. This is a two-day conference: the first day is held offline, and the second online, however, the offline day is also fully streamed online, so that anyone can access the event. More information on event is forthcoming here.

Serbia – Serbian Philanthropy Forum

To join the celebration of the European Day of Foundations and Donors, the Serbian Philanthropy Forum is planning a national campaign “Save Food, Save Humanity” for October 9, the National Day of Giving. The campaign aims to raise citizens’ awareness of the problem of wasting food and insufficient food donations, as well as to support an improvement of regulations that would benefit an increase in food donations. “Save Food, Save Humanity” is carried out as part of the Project for Improvement of Framework for Donation, which is realised by the Charity Coalition. The Charity Coalition is supported by the Trag Foundation, Catalyst Balkans, SMART Collective, Serbian Philanthropy Forum, Forum for Responsible Business and Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Spain – Spanish Association of Foundations

From September 27 to October 1, they are launching the 5th edition of #somosfundaciones, a coordinated campaign with the firm purpose of generating new links between sector entities, as well as between the sector and citizens. For this, a ‘set of recommendations’ has been prepared that seeks to strengthen the founding community, viralise solidarity and make visible the work and spirit of the foundations. The idea is that all participants become prescribers of good causes, mentioning on Twitter those foundations thanks to which society is more just, sustainable, egalitarian, accessible, etc. The campaign will feature the following themes: (September 27) # AcciónPorElClima; (September 28) #TransformaciónDigital; (September 29) #ImpactoLocal; (September 30) #Equality; (October 1) # October1Europe. More information about the campaign and ideas to participate in this link (in Spanish).Download the official image of the campaign here.

Switzerland – SwissFoundations

On 1st October, SwissFoundations will present the “SwissFoundations Benchmark Report”. This Report has been published by SwissFoundations since 2016 to help foundations optimise their investment results and costs, and to professionalise their asset management. In 2021, 35 grant-making foundations with assets of CHF 15.4 billion participated, representing one-sixth of the total Swiss foundation assets. The Report will be published in German and French. You can find the key figures in German from last year here.  More information is forthcoming.



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