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i_internet Digital Equity Survey

(From site: https://iinternet.org/)

Digitalization is happening. Digital equity — a world in which everyone has the internet access, tools, and skills to participate fully in a digital world — depends on all of us.

We at Connect Humanity and our partners are conducting this survey to help understand what you and the communities you serve (program participants, partners in the field, or grantees) need to access the internet and participate fully in our digitized world.

Your response will help us map where digital gaps and challenges persist. We will share all information back with you; work with results to increase understanding about community needs; and, catalyze and direct resources where they are needed to accelerate us all toward a better digital future. 

The survey takes 20 minutes to complete. Results are anonymous and data will only appear in aggregate form. All data collected in this survey will be used solely for the purposes described here and in compliance with the TechSoup Privacy Policy.

Lastly – Thank you. By filling out this survey, you are helping build a global understanding about what we, collectively, must do to ensure a positive digital future for all. 

Connect Humanity is the fund for digital equity. We help communities build the internet infrastructure and skills they need to participate fully in a digital society.



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