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Italian Assifero appoints first female chair (from “Alliance Magazine”)

The national membership association of Italian grant-making foundations and private institutional philanthropy, Assifero, has appointment Stefania Mancini as its new chair during its most recent annual general assembly. Mancini, the first women to hold the role at the association, succeeds Felice Scalvini.

Stefani Mancini, new chair of Assifero

Mancini’s background includes a career of collaboration with a wide variety of foundations and donor advised funds. She also serves on the board of Fondazione Charlemagne, Fondazione Italiana per il Dono, and the Ethic Committee at Fondo Gesù Divin Lavoratore – as well as the Vice President and Managing Director of Fondation Assistance Internationale – CH.

‘What has become clearer from foundations and philanthropic organizations’ response to the pandemic is that their strength lies in untapping their different capitals (relational and intellectual beyond financial) and in the “how” even more than in the “how much”, in the quality of the resources they make available, in their independence, autonomy and flexibility in embracing complexity and taking risks’, Mancini said, ‘Assifero has done so much in the last years and it is at a pivotal moment of its development. We will do our part not only to strengthen philanthropy role but also to promote the human rights and fundamental freedoms of the grantees of foundations’ work.’

From: https://www.alliancemagazine.org/


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