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Decoding COP28

What’s On the Agenda and Why Does it Matter to Philanthropy?
(from https://events.philea.eu/

In the lead up to COP28, this webinar will introduce COP and look ahead to some of the issues on the agenda at COP28 in Dubai. It will also offer a space to explore potential avenues for philanthropy, in its diversity, to engage with the COP processes and outcomes.

A follow up webinar “Decoding COP28: What now?” will take place on 1 February.

For the last three decades, the climate COPs have represented a milestone in the global climate agenda and with the effects of climate change becoming more and more visible, international, and cross-sectoral collaboration on climate is increasingly critical. Still, for many philanthropy practitioners, the COPs feel opaque and their significance for their own work unclear.

The European Philanthropy Coalition for Climate will host a webinar series aimed at decoding COP28; its agenda; key discussions; and decisions made; as well as their impact on the philanthropic world. The two will provide a comprehensive understanding of COP28’s significance in the philanthropic world.

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