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Philea launches #WhenWeUnite philanthropy campaign

WhenWeUnite, a campaign launched by the Philanthropy Europe Association (Philea) at its recent annual conference, will aim to promote the value of philanthropy in Europe and beyond.

‘Philanthropy is everywhere around us,’ Philea said, in a statement. ‘Your programmes benefit so many – individuals, communities, societies – in more ways than we even know. It’s time to show the tangible contributions our sector makes, and the potential we can achieve #WhenWeUnite.’

Organisations are invited to share their work on social media with the hashtag #WhenWeUnite. Philea will monitor the hashtag, aiming to share and engage with posts to help raise awareness.

No challenge is too big, or too small, #WhenWeUnite.

We stand together. We stand with you.

We launched the #WhenWeUnite campaign to showcase the diversity and breadth of philanthropic work across Europe, and our sector’s potential to do so much more to tackle the challenges the world faces.

Help us spread the word – join the movement.

We have prepared a toolkit to get you started – you’ll be able to download pre-made visuals or templates to make your own and promote your causes and initiatives.

Whether you’re a foundation, national association, civil society organisation, academic, NGO, volunteer, or individual donor – we want to hear from you. Show the world what happens #WhenWeUnite.



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