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Seminar: Local philanthropy and community foundations in European capitals

A comparison of significant experiences of 12 European capitals . Future challenges and opportunities for communities are the beating heart of the meeting ( Local Philanthropy and Community Foundations in European Capital Cities – challenges and  opportunities ) which took place in Rome on 23 and 24 January between ECFI ( The European Community Foundation Initiative ) and Charlemagne Foundation . The seminar took place at the River Industries and saw discussion on the issues of the role of Foundations and action in large urban contexts in Europe, with representatives of the European Union and a significant testimony also from the Ukrainian capital Kiev, to support organizations and communities in everyday life and with respect for their actions, taking care of people’s fragilities. After the introduction to the seminar by Stefania Mancini (Councillor of the Charlemagne Foundation) and James Magowan ( Coordinating Director of ECFI), Domenico Chirico presented the Charlemagne Foundation’s ” Periferiacapitale ” Program for Rome to the European foundations, with a view to building a network between community programs and foundations in the Union.


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