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Climate Mitigation Tool. An interactive learning experience to tackle rising emissions

From: https://www.activephilanthropy.org/climate-mitigation-tool
Almost 200 solutions for funders to support as they seek to reduce climate-heating greenhouse gas emissions. Our interactive tool helps you to start your climate action journey today.

Are you ready to take climate action, but still looking for the right entry point? Our Climate Mitigation Tool guides you in starting or strengthening your climate funding strategy, independent of the size of your budget or the level of your climate expertise. Use it as a starting point to get an overview of mitigation approaches, as an instrument to dig deeper into specific topics and solutions, or, if you are a climate funder already, to explore alternative measures to cut emissions.  What’s special about this tool? It’s the first interactive tool designed for philanthropists seeking to understand emission reductions, linking climate solutions and policy goals with philanthropic levers. The tool provides a first step in translating detailed technical information into opportunities for philanthropic action. Customisable features help you to personalise your experience and start your climate mitigation journey.

How it works: Step by step

The tool comprises four circles, which allow you to quickly work your way through almost 200 solutions, which we have sourced from Project Drawdown and Climatestrike Switzerland (for more details on our methodology see FAQ). The first two circles focus on emission sources, grouped into sectors and systems, the third one highlights fields of action, and the fourth circle points towards concrete solutions (see definitions below). For every emission source, there is a solution ready for philanthropy to support. Create your individual portfolio of solutions by 1) browsing and exploring, 2) filtering and prioritising, and 3) building your own network in climate philanthropy. You find more details on each of the three steps below!



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